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Wednesday, 22 October 2003


Ananova reports that Lena Skarning, a Norwegian witch, has won a 53,000 kroner (£5,000) business grant from the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund to make and sell magic potions and elixirs to residents around the forest of Nord-Odal, 93 miles north of Oslo. Skarning’s specialty products include night creams for vivid dreams, a day cream to combat indecisiveness and a foot cream to change a user's bad habits. Skarning said that she has always been a witch, but needed seed money for her business to take root. She attended a seminar on entrepreneurship and then applied for the grant.

A spokesman for the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund said that money was awarded for applications that were "exceptional, very innovative, and very importantly, offered a new service or created a job". He added that the notion of a witch getting a grant may seem out of the ordinary, but her business plan was "pretty reasonable and well thought out". Last year, the agency gave out 3.8 billion kroner (£319 million) for some 8,000 projects to help develop and promote small business.

The IPKat assumes that Lena’s potions and elixirs will not face the stringent requirements demanded by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency and its national analogues for the market approval of proprietary medicinal products. He also assumes that Lena will be prudently preserving the confidentiality of her products’ formulae, the better to ward of unhealthy ailments such as competition.

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