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Monday, 19 July 2004


The UK’s Department for Culture, Media And Sport has issued a press release announcing a government-led initiative to help the UK's Creative
Industries sector. This initiative was launched today by Arts Minister Estelle Morris and Science and Innovation Minister Lord Sainsbury. The new Creative Industries Forum on Intellectual Property is a cross-Government body - including the devolved administrations - and industry, and has its first meeting today. It brings together key players to discuss how to best meet the opportunities and threats that rapid technological developments are generating for the UK's Creative Industries sector. The initiative (says the press release) will build on the sector's £54.8 billion contribution to the UK's economy and maximise its future contribution to UK competitiveness.

The Forum will address key issues, such as:

* strategies for maximising the opportunities for the Creative Industries in a digital environment
* business models
* education and awareness raising
* challenges such as file-sharing and piracy.

The Forum, jointly chaired by Arts Minister Estelle Morris and Lord Sainsbury, includes representatives from across the Creative Industries sector, as well as other stakeholders, including film, music, publishing, design and computer games. It also includes representatives from internet service providers, telecoms companies, hardware manufacturers and consumer groups.

Estelle Morris said:

"A vibrant, diverse creative sector is important to the UK both culturally and economically. Intellectual Property Rights have always been at the heart of our Creative Industries - by encouraging and rewarding creativity. We've listened to the concerns of our Creative Industries and know that these issues matter, which is why we are joining together to work on a way forward."

Lord Sainsbury said:
"Creative Industries play a vital role in the UK's economy and competitiveness and are instrumental in developing and fully utilizing innovative new technologies. It is vital that both Government and industry work together to support this key sector and find ways to maximize the benefit from appropriate Intellectual Property Right protection”.
The initiative has allegedly been warmly welcomed by the industry. The work of the Creative Industries significantly contributes to the economic growth of the country with an increase of 8% per year. The work of the Intellectual Property Rights Forum will represent a significant development in an area crucial to the UK's future competitiveness - it contributes 54.8 billion to the UK economy employing 1.9 million people.
The Creative Industries Forum on Intellectual Property is meeting today at the London College of Communications.

The IPKat is pleased that, after all these years, the UK government has suddenly discovered that intellectual property exists and that it creates wealth. However, all serious initiatives in this area are likely to come from international or EU-wide discussion, not from this seriously parochial Forum. The IPKat wonders if the time of its members wouldn’t be better spent creating wealth (in the case of IP owners) or dissipating it (in the case of consumer groups) than in what is almost certain to be an ineffective and cosmetic exercise.
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