IT'S BIG, IT'S FAT ..'s the second edition of Intellectual Property Law by Lionel Bently and Brad Sherman. Published this summer by Oxford University Press. With more than 1,200 pages (inclusive of prelims and index), this popular text book looks set to capitalise on the success of the first edition. Bently, who has taken up the Herchel Smith Chair in Intellectual Property Law at Cambridge, and Sherman, a Professor at Griffith University, Brisbane, have combined to produce a work which is surprisingly accessible, despite its detail and its erudition. The text also leads the reader gently from "pure" IP law to adjacent areas of interest such as competition law. Students will enjoy the clear and helpful explanations of the law, while practitioners will appreciate the depth and quality of the referenced source materials. Well done, Lionel and Brad!
IT'S BIG, IT'S FAT .. IT'S BIG, IT'S FAT .. Reviewed by Jeremy on Thursday, October 21, 2004 Rating: 5

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Peter said...

As an undergraduate I found the first edition somewhat daunting, but got along with it towards the end of the year. I must say that I'm impressed with the quality of the slightly slimmer second edition. The references are what make this such a good textbook.

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