Once more the Sweet & Maxwell series European Commercial Cases continues to spring surprises by featuring English-language reports of intellectual property decisions from continental Europe -- even if some of those decisions have become somewhat elderly. The IPKat has just received Part 2 of the ECC for 2005, which includes

* Pharma Intranet Information AG v IMS Health GmbH (Frankfurt Court of Appeal, 2002), on copyright and competition issues arising out of the commercial exploitation of databases;

* Re Copyright in Road Construction Materials Handbooks (Bundesgerichtshof, Germany, 2002), on copyight in boringly functional government publications;

* Tenenbaum v Petraco Distribution Sarl (Cour de Cassation, Paris), a 2003 case which takes a look at graphical reproduction rights in musical works;

Renault: no stranger to the courts when it comes to IP enforcement

* Renault v Franco d'Amato (Cour de Cassation, Paris, 2002), a criminal law decision on fakes and free movement of goods.

Details of the European Commercial Cases here.
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