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Thursday, 26 May 2005


1. In search of patent cases. The IPKat regularly scans the OHIM and UK Trade Mark Registry websites for decisions on trade marks and designs, but only rarely visits the European Patent Office (EPO) website or the UK Patent Office decisions pages in search of patent rulings in patent hearings. Should these decisions be part of this blog's regular diet? If so, do we have any kind readers who would like to tell us when important decisions are posted there so that the IPKat can capture them while they are still fresh?

2. What are they doing there? When browsing the decisions on the EPO website, the IPKat found not just EPO decisions but some case law from the German Bundespatentgericht. He doesn't mind them being there (indeed, he even welcomes them when they're available in English), but he was wondering what they were doing there in the first place. Any answers?


Anonymous said...

I look at the updates to the EPO website regularly, and would be happy to point you to interesting cases as and when they are posted on the website.

Occasionally, the Official Journal of the EPO publishes Decisions of national courts deemed to be of particular relevance. For some reason, these are also posted on the EPO Boards of Appeal Decisions section, even thogh they are obviously not Board of Appeal Decisions. This is, however, rather rare.

Darren Smyth

Jeremy said...

Thanks so much, Darren, that's really kind of you.

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