Last Friday the IPKat had a little moan about the lack of IP decisions by female IP judges. Then, as if by magic, in today's Court of Appeal decision in IN Newman (blogged below) Lady Justice Arden delivered a partially dissenting judgment.

The IPKat says, about time too.
AS IF BY MAGIC... AS IF BY MAGIC... Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 Rating: 5


Jeremy said...

No disrespect to Lady Justice Arden, who is certainly both a lady and a fine judge -- but I don't think she counts as an IP judge.

Nor soon will our friend Sir Hugh, who is a Laddie but will not, alas ("a lass") be an IP judge much longer.

Anonymous said...

One also cannot help but notice that Lady Justice Arden appears to dissent in her IP-related judgements: see this case and the Celltech/Medimmune case.

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