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Sunday, 26 June 2005


The Las Vegas Sun reports on a case in dubious taste. The US Government seized the Mustang Ranch Brothel after its owners were found to have engaged in federal fraud and racketeering. It later sold the property on eBay of all places to Lance Gilman. Gilman planned to open the brothel under the name the Mustang Ranch Brothel. U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials said the government had owned the trade mark because it received all Mustang Ranch assets through criminal forfeiture proceedings against the owners of the ranch. Gilman claims that he acquired the trade mark when he acquired the building. However, rival brothel owner David Burgess, who has a neighbouring plot, claims he acquired the mark after the Government abandoned the name while the brothel was under its ownership. The Reno District Court, and now the Court of Appeals of the Ninth Circuit have ordered Gilman, by means of a preliminary injunction, not to use the mark until after the issue has been resolved.

The IPKat says, why are all the best trade mark cases about sex or food?

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