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Sunday, 19 June 2005


IAM - a good read for real IP believers

Issue 12 of IAM (Intellectual Asset Management, June/July 2005), published by Globe White Page, contains its usual quota of strongly encouraging articles which should be read by anyone who gets depressed by IP rights from time to time and needs the occasional tonic. For example
* In "Thinking Outside the Black Box" Nigel Page writes on how analysis of a company's patent portfolio can give investors the inside track on how its stock might perform;

* Ralph Schroeder emphasises the need to focus on the financial benefits that an intellectual asset management programme can bring;

* there's also a somewhat unorthodox review of employee-inventor ownership and compensation across six jurisdictions, taking in some hidden issues like outsourcing and tax liability.
The IPKat welcomes his regular dose of IAM, which is a pretty good antidote to Death of Patents if ever there was one.

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