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Monday, 24 October 2005


Stephen Stewart Memorial Lecture

This year’s Stephen Stewart Memorial Lecture takes place on Tuesday 15 November. The event, organised by the IP Institute and hosted at the offices of Slaughter and May features William Rooklidge (AIPLA president) speaking on ‘Reform of Patent Laws: The US Experience in Forging Legislation from Disparate Interests’. In the chair is Sir Hugh Laddie. The event is free, but those wishing to attend should return this form to Anne Goldstein of the IPI by 9 November.

Nominet Judicial Review

The IPKat must have been taking a catnap while the High Court dismissed CyberBritain’s application for judicial review of Nominet’s decision to strip it of the domain name in August. The Kat is indebted to Mark Engelman of 7 New Square, who brought the decision to his (or rather blogmeister Ilanah’s) attention when s/he was attending ICI Intellectual Property Group’s Legal Seminar last Monday. While it seems that, in principle, the decisions of Nominet are subject to judicial review, CyberBritain’s application for JR was made out of time and, in failing to use Nominet’s internal appeal procedure, CyberBritain has failed to exhaust its rights of appeal before coming to the court.

It seems that the decision is hard to get hold of – if anyone has a copy, the IPKat would be most grateful to receive it. Like Mr Engelman, the IPKat is not surprised that Nominet decisions are judicially reviewable, since it meets the traditional JR criterion that, if it didn’t exist, the Government would have to set it up.

Further coverage is a available from OutLaw

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