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Friday, 28 April 2006


How many trade mark lawyers ...?

Trade Marks at the Limit is a collection of essays on the extent to which you can make legal use of other people's trade marks even if you don't have permisssion. It will be published by Edward Elgar in the next couple of weeks. The idea for this book was not exclusively its editor's idea: it originated from a number of discussions between the two katmeisters back in 2003-4, when they were working on what eventually became Trade Mark Use.

To mark the publication of Trade Marks at the Limit the IPKat is running a How Many Trade Mark Lawyers Competition, the prize being a free copy of the book. The rules are simple: the person who submits the best answer to the question "How many trade mark lawyers does it take to change a lightbulb?" by mid-day (British Summer Time) on Monday 15 May 2006 is the winner. You can enter as many times as you like, the sole condition being that you grant the IPKat a non-exclusive licence to publish your submissions on his weblog for the full duration of the copyright term. Please send your submissions here.

Full details of the book here.
Examples of lightbulb jokes here and here


Anonymous said...

The "How many ...." light bulbs items are American biased as they indicate the use of ES socket light bulbs and the US vernacular for ..... I am reminded of the US joke: Q "What is the difference between a girl and a light bulb?" A "You can unscrew a light bulb." This joke fully illustrates the transatlantic divide.

Jeremy said...

You're right, it is US-biased - but we live in an Americanised world. Some of the responses already received have assumed that the competition said "screw" instead of "change".

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