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Sunday, 28 January 2007


The Financial Express reports that Pakistan is ready to bring India before the WTO over the issue of the registration of Basmati as a geographical indication for rice. This follows failed plans for India and Pakistan to jointly register Basmati. The joint registration was vetoed by Pakistani rice growers. Meanwhile, the EU sees the two countries as being equally entitled to the term, since it is authentically grown in both areas.

The IPKat reckons that asserting any sort of IP rights over the term Basmati is controversial enough, without bringing supra-national level litigation.


Guy said...

The key question is whether Basmati means a genetic species of rice or a rice grown in a certain area.

Anonymous said...

Re: Basmati: variety or region?

It is primarily a rice variety, but becuase it has been, historically been sourced from the sub-continent; it has gained geographic connotations. Much like champagne or feta.

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