Getting the feel for iPhone; World IP Day

The IPKat's friend, canny Polish IP lawyer and fellow blogger Tomasz Rychlicki, has been stirring things up a little, kindly giving Pocket PC users a chance to get the flavour of the keenly-awaited Apple iPhone by posting a user interface program on his website. You can read all about it here and here. You're a brave man, Tomasz, says the IPKat.

If you've nothing else planned for Thursday 26 April, don't forget it's World Intellectual Property Day. WIPO has devoted a webpage to a list of events and activities that are planned for that day. If you're lucky there might even be one near you. There's a very, very green WIPD logo that you can use, too (left), if you're sending out invitations to all your friends.

If you like this sort of thing, there's a whole page full of WIPD commemorative posters here. The IPKat's favourite is Hong Kong's poster for 2003, reproduced on the right. Merpel says, Kenya 2002 is very pretty - but someone out there seems to think that traditional dances have something to do with intellectual property: surely some mistake!
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