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The April 2007 issue of Oxford University Press's flagship IP periodical, the monthly Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, is seasonally enriched with trade mark content - which is not surprising, given that this is the issue which will be showcased at the International Trademark Association's 129th Annual Meeting in Chicago in late April/early May. Features in this issue include

* an illustrated and carefully referenced round-up by Arnaud Folliard-Monguiral (OHIM) and David Rogers (EPO) of Community trade mark case law developments during 2006 (abstract here);

* a special focus by OHIM's Gordon Humphreys on proof of use, continuity of functions in inter partes proceedings and three-dimensional marks (abstract here);

* "Patently designed and trade marked: MMORPGs", academician Yee Fen Lim's sequel to her earlier article on the copyright issues raised by online multi-player games (abstract here);

* "Search orders and computers" by Arty Northey and Tony Willoughby (Rouse International), a hugely practical piece that deals with a lawyer's nightmare - you've got your search order, you enter a suspected infringer's premises and what do you find but one or more computers, with possibly thousands of files to search and no clear notion what you're likely to find there (abstract here).

Left: spare a thought for the poor trainee lawyer who, left alone with a computer and a search order, has to plough through half a million files in search of an incriminating invoice ...

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Read the Editorial for this issue ("In with the INN-crowd", on the concept of the non-proprietary name and its relevance to other areas of IP) and all other issues, absolutely free of charge, here
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