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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Arrogant cat goes to court

Today's issue of The Telegraph reports that Arrogant Cat, a boutique that says it is "Arrogant by name, Arrogant by nature", is suing one of its Kensington neighbours, K Fashion (UK), which it alleges to be copying five garments protected by Community design rights. Damages of up to £150,000 are sought, plus injunctive relief and details of K's suppliers.

Right: Arrogant Cat celebrity customer Amy Winehouse

The IPKat says, this is one to watch - it may just give the courts a chance to consider the IP Enforcement Directive. Merpel says, seeing as Arrogant Cat is a small business with just six shops and no real web presence, this action is about ten times better than an advertising campaign: it lets everyone know of the brand's existence and its celebrity clientele, it sends out the message that it's a classy Kensington joint and it makes it plain that if you buy its fashion products you can expect them to policed against cheap versions and knock-offs that so devalue the fashion shopping experience.

1 comment:

Iza Roberto said...

I have never met an arrogant cats.
They must own a dog.

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