Candidates for WIPO Director General

On 13 and 14 May this year, the WIPO Coordinating Committee is to nominate person for appointment by the General Assembly as WIPO Director General. The nominations received so far (and biographical details) are now available on the WIPO website. They are:

  • Mr. José Graça Aranha (Brazil)
  • Mr. Enrique A. Manalo (the Philippines)
  • Prof. James Otieno Odek (Kenya)
  • Mr. José Delmer Urbizo Panting (Honduras)
  • Mr. Yoshiyuki Takagi (Japan)
  • Mr. Philippe Petit (France)

The IPKat hopes that the best man (for they are indeed all men) will get the job.
Candidates for WIPO Director General Candidates for WIPO Director General Reviewed by Unknown on Monday, February 11, 2008 Rating: 5


Gobhicks said...

It's a toss-up between Mr Panting and Mr Petit, purely on nominative comedy value...

David said...

And the full list of 15 has now been announced. See IP Watch for the details.

This Kat's vote goes to Francis Gurry, for being a friend to Kats and an enemy of corruption.

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