Readers, can you help?

The IPKat has recently stumbled across the Total Recall Info website, which announces the following:

"There were 3,500+ product recalls WorldWide, last year. Toy recalls, Spinach recall, Peanut Butter recall, Pet Food recall you heard about, most recalls you didn't. Manufacturers, resellers and government all attempt to notify consumers about recalls. However, at the present time, there are too many scattered sources, political jurisdictions, and lack of resources to do the required job. Checking for a product recall is difficult and time-consuming work for the average consumer.

But now,there is a better way…

Total Recall Info conducts extensive research DAILY to provide consumers with one comprehensive source that lists all product recalls worldwide. With approximately 10 new recalls announced around the world each day, the purpose of this website is to increase consumer awareness about recalls in order to help reduce household injuries and deaths".
The IPKat is curious to know whether any of his readers have any experience of this service. While it mentions product recalls worldwide, the focus of the service appears to have a strongly US-flavoured taste to it. Merpel notes that at least one of the articles listed on the site mentions a brand (ReNu) by name, so presumably this is something that brand owners who are forced to recall products must be aware of. Please post your comments below or email them here.

Readers have written in to say that the IPKat's link to the decision of the French Tribunal de Grande Instance (9 January 2008) to invalidate the patent which DSS says the European Central Bank has been infringing (see IPKat article here) is not working. Can anyone who has a better link to that decision please post it as a comment, below? Many thanks!
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kneefs said...

No experience with the service here. I'm somewhat puzzled by the site's subscription terms wherein you are promised the "Opportunity to become a Recaller and make $$$", though.

Perhaps I should consider subscribing, as my (admittedly, limited) experience with product safety legislation has to date regrettably not led to any of our clients(-recallers) hitting the jackpot.

Anonymous said...

Dear IPKat,

The current link to the decision of the French Tribunal de Grande Instance of 9 January 2008 works for me (

However this decision is also available here :
(among other files posted in the "IPKat Readers" Google Group :

Keep up the good work!


Evert van Gelderen said...

Dear IPKat, dear Readers,

I am not familiair with the Total Recall website.

However, our office specializes in product legislation and CE marking and regularly consults notifications on recalls. For Europe you have the excellent Rapex-system:

Best regards

Evert van Gelderen

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