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Friday, 25 April 2008

Filament Fred hits town

If your dislike of light-bulb cliches is as powerful as the IPKat's, you will be more than disappointed that the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) Annual Review 2007 stars a character called Filament Fred ("I have a long thin body and a bulb for a head"). The Review is however a striking blend of dramatic graphic effects, highly positive news and clearly portrayed facts and figures on the performance of the Office during a year of political and organisational turbulence.

Note for trade mark nerds and potential infringers: the trade mark search facility on the UK-IPO website contains no reference to any application having been made to register "Filament Fred" as a trade mark.


Gobhicks said...

It has to be said
The description of Fred
Sounds less like a light bulb
Than a sperm

Anonymous said...

Get off Fred's back,
He's sensitive, I've read
And so would you be
With a ******* bulb for a head

Anonymous said...

"Promote IP in rhyme!"
The marketeers said.
"We'll have a good time
While the good news is spread."
And so, short for time,
They came up with Fred:
A cartoonish mime
With a bulb for a head.
But, oh, what a crime,
The Kat's disappoint-ed
By another design
With bulbs repeat-ed.
IPO! The bottom line:
You should've innovat-ed!


Gobhicks said...

all joking apart, if Frederico is a lightbulb as described, the poor dear needs urgent medical attention in respect of a prolapsed filament.

Or else he's the illegitimate offspring of thomas edison and a stick insect

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