The Aerotel patent -- from the horse's mouth

Further to the IPKat's previous post, it now appears that a copy of the court's decision to invalidate Aerotel's patent has mysteriously found its way into his possession. It's 57 pages long and is a Patents Court decision of Judge Michael Fysh QC, sitting as a judge of the High Court. The Kat hasn't had a chance to read it yet and, since the first thing he spotted was an uncharacteristic typo or mis-spelling, he suspects that it may be subject to further revision. No version has yet appeared on BAILII. Anyone wanting to take a look at it should contact Jeremy here.

UPDATE (23 May): The full judgment is now available on BAILII here. To quote HHJ Fysh: "The Patent is invalid on the grounds of obviousness and excluded matter and will be revoked". End of story?
The Aerotel patent -- from the horse's mouth The Aerotel patent  --  from the horse's mouth Reviewed by Jeremy on Thursday, May 22, 2008 Rating: 5


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end of story? oh yes, I think so - see John Cooper's comment/analysis in the story below. At that level excluded v obvious is entirely academic.

On with Symbian!

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