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Some unkind people have commented from time to time on the quality (if that be the word) of the suit that IPKat team member Jeremy wears for work. It may look a little shabby but Jeremy has been wearing it since the previous century and it has seen a lot of action in the meantime. Those who criticise the component parts of the IPKat team for lack of sartorial elegance should take note, though. Jeremy has a new suit. It's dark grey, or possibly light black, and it will be making its debut at the Copying Without Infringing conference on Wednesday (formerly Thursday) 26 November. If you've not yet booked but plan to do so, or if you are merely curious to see Jeremy wearing a suit that does not look as though it came from an Oxfam Shop, details of the conference can be found here.

One person who will definitely get the chance to see Jeremy's new suit is the winner of the "Best IP Advice" competition, whose name will be announced this Sunday, 9 November, together with some of the best entries.

Cat suits here (for kids) and here (for adults only ...)
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Anonymous said...

Isn't 26 November a Wednesday?
Easily Confused of North East England

Jeremy said...

Dear easily confused
you're quite right and I've amended the text accordingly. As an editor of periodicals that are prepared several months ahead of their cover dates, I've been "living" in 2009 for a couple of months now. I'm afraid it was my 2009 diary that I consulted when I checked the day.

Chris McLeod said...

What lovers of fashion and the ECJ, a unique subset, will surely wish to know is whether the suit will be accessorised with any aesthetically complementary items.

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