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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Orphan works -- a Sterling solution?

Over the years, few members of the IP fraternity can have won as many friends as Professor Adrian Sterling, a distinguished international copyright lawyer and a dedicated teacher of his craft. Adrian's legendary kindness, the IPKat notes, extends beyond his students and colleagues and reaches as far as orphans and their copyright works ... [at this point Merpel interjects: "silly Kat! It's orphan works, not works of orphans! We're talking about works that are metaphorically orphaned because their 'parentage', in terms of authorship or ownership, cannot be traced"]. "As I was saying", continues the IPKat, "Adrian has been working on a scheme for resolving the orphan work problem, which traps many otherwise exploitable works in a sort of commercial limbo". This scheme has been adopted by the British Copyright Council in its Response on the Green Paper on Copyright in the Knowledge Economy, and the paper will be circulated tomorrow at the 8th IBC Annual Conference on International Copyright Law.

As a special treat, readers of this weblog, whether orphans or sufficiently parented, can get a preview all of their own, which can be read here. If you'd like to have a look at it and tell Adrian and/or the IPKat what you think of it, please feel free to do so. Comments to the IPKat can be posted below. Emails to Adrian can be directed here.

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