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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright ..."

The IPKat just couldn't resist this one. Abe Sauer, writing in BrandChannel ("Tag Heuer Stays With Tiger Woods In China"), reports that, while Gatorade has joined Accenture and AT&T in dropping golf maestro Tiger Woods as a spokesman because of his scandalous sex life, "high-end watchmaker Tag Heuer not only sees a continued role for Tiger in its marketing efforts, but it is also boosting its association with Woods". He explains:

"In response to the Woods scandal, Tag Heuer has pulled most of its Tiger Woods-related advertising from US markets. In China though, the brand has ramped up its Woods promotions. The reason? ...“In China conversely you have Tag Heuer with Tiger Woods everywhere because [with] the Chinese it rather increases their esteem. In China, by tradition, your success is measured by your number of mistresses.” Babin says the numbers back up his claim, as the brand has made gains in China in the last year.
... the strategy is working as sales are strong. But is this due to Tag Heuer's insightful approach to Chinese men, or is there something else at work here? After all, sales for the brand also grew in Australia".
The IPKat feels that there's scope here for a competition for the best slogan that ties Tiger in with the Tag Heuer brand. The prize, a pristine copy of the Ninth Edition of the Butterworth Intellectual Property Law Handbook (consultant editor IPKat team member Jeremy), currently retailing at a whopping £111. Closing date for entries (please email them here with the subject line "Tiger Watch") is Sunday 14 March.

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