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Friday, 25 February 2011

Growltiger's IP Dinner

Reminder: next week's TIPLO (The Intellectual Property Lawyers Organisation) dinner on Wednesday 2 March (click here and scroll) has now attracted a pleasantly ample number of diners.  However, IPKat team member Jeremy wants to remind readers that TIPLO has kindly agreed to offer a special discount to bona fide students, trainees and recently-qualified IP professionals who are not TIPLO members and could not be expected to fork out £135 for its delicious delights. The idea is that the next generation of leaders and activists within the UK's IP community should be encouraged to step forward and rub shoulders with those whom, in years to come, they will surely replace.  For these eager young souls, registration is available at a just-above-break-even point of £60, which is pretty good.  For registration details, and anything else you need to know, click the TIPLO site here [nb the discount details aren't given on the online booking form] or email Renate Siebrasse here.  Merpel adds, young IP professionals should all be joining IPSoc ("The Society for Junior IP Practitioners") too. The IPSoc site is here and you can email the membership secretary here.

Part of the evening's entertainment consists of a speech delivered by this particular Kat under the title "Growltiger's Last Stand: the World according to Kats". This talk will focus on the part played by bloggers and other social networkers within the fabric of modern IP law and practice. In light of this, it seems appropriate to reproduce, with due credit given and all relevant licences granted, and with acknowledgment to Old Possum (click here for the original), the following words from the pen of IP enthusiast and solicitor Tom Broadhurst:
Growltiger was a Bravo IPKat, who roamed the blogosphere :
In fact he was the roughest Kat that ever travelled here.
From INTA through to WIPO he pursued his IP aims,
Rejoicing in his title of the ‘The Terror of all confusing Domain Names’.

The Woe to the student, that neglected his homepage;
Woe to the pampered IP Lawyer, that faced Growltiger’s rage;
Woe to the bristly official, that lurked in cyberspace,
Woe to any correspondent whose pdf’s Growltiger faced.

Now on a peaceful spring night, all IPKats seemed at play ,
The tender moon was shining bright, the TIPLO dinner ended the day.
All in the balmy moonlight Growltiger yowled out-
And thus the Bravo IPKat showed his full IP clout.

Yet the ruthless IP hoards of diners pressed forward, in stubborn rank on rank ;
But Growltiger to no one’s surprise avoided walking the plank.
He who a hundred infringers had driven to that drop,
At the end of his speech the jolly applause took long to stop.
Thank you, Tom.

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