For the half-year to 31 December 2015, the IPKat's regular team is supplemented by contributions from guest bloggers Jani Ihalainen, Nikos Prentoulis and Mark Schweizer.

Birgit Clark is on Sabbatical till the end of the year

Regular round-ups of the previous week's blogposts are kindly compiled by Alberto Bellan.

Kats of the past

Quite a few people have participated in the IPKat weblog over the years. We list them below:

Emeritus Kats (alphabetical by surname)

Dr Ilanah Simon Fhima
Dr Matt Fisher
Professor Dr Jo Gibson
Dr Catherine Lee
Dr David Pearce
Dr Mark Schweizer
Dr Nicola Searle


Former Guest Kats

Tara Aaron
Suleman Ali
Stefano Barazza
Alberto Bellan
Robert Cumming
Miri Frankel
Rebecca Gulbul
Laetitia Lagarde
Dr Matthias Lamping
Kate Manning
Darren Meale
Lucas Michels
Tom Ohta
John Jeff Roberts
Dr Eleonora Rosati
Bertrand Sautier
Professor Norman Siebrasse
Dr Darren Smyth
Valentina Torelli
Marie-Andrée Weiss
Nadia Zegze

Former Guest Kats who graduated to the regular team

Dr Eleonora Rosati
Darren Smyth

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